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About us

Retracon is a conglomerate of a professional sales services enterprise (RTCsales) and a cutting-edge social media promotion agency (RTCiris). We are a must-have partner wherever sales and boosting your business social media presence is needed.

About IRIS

Iris is a social media promotion agency that helps businesses of every size to grow in the digital world through enhancing their online presence. We offer social media services, advertising services and website design services.


Offering services within the areas of in-/-outbound sales, prospecting and meeting booking.
Providing the highest quality of tested, pre-qualified traffic exclusively branded for your business and directly integrated with your platform.
Our out-of-the box training programs and workshops, make sure your staff delivers at the highest level. Training is focused on increasing conversion rates and retaining a high customer satisfaction.
Revealing viable solutions that target on cost-efficiency and increased productivity to scale up your business.
We offer a complete social media page management as well as creation of campaigns and promotions that sky rocket
your social media presence using high-quality content and daily activity posts resulting to an increase in followers.
By advertising through us, we assure to accelerate your business’ growth and market your products/services providing you with the full scope of benefits that social media has to offer.
Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective solutions that reflect your business’ purpose, products and services clearly in order to intensify user experience, retain existing clients and drive valuable traffic to your website.


At Retracon we provide you with the environment and attention that you need to develop in your area of expertise, whether you are a young individual at the beginning of your career, or an experienced professional seeking to move forward. Time is money and we are dedicated to invest it in you to kick start your career.


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